Nicole Konkin of sugar plum events

Nicole is someone who will go above and beyond for her clients. She is a certified Wedding Producer and Certified Wedding and Event Designer of Sugar Plum Events. 
She booked a mini session and showed up for the most productive 15 minutes of her life! We got some great shots of her doing what she loves and it makes sharing her work with the world that much easier! 

A passion project of mine is to help others, not just business owners but anyone wanting to do or have more in this life, achieve their biggest dreams and goals. Over the past decade, I have developed some great goal-setting worksheets.

These worksheets will give you the tools you need to get a good start in the direction you want to go and how to get there. They will help you to feel less overwhelmed and give you some tools to use when you are feeling like you have a little too much on your mind.

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