Small Business Spotlight for Ashley Tichkowsky

From Human resources assistant to Real estate agent. How Ashley went from a full time job with benefits and holiday pay to the wild world of Real Estate!

Entrepreneurship is so much better with friends by your side! If you’ve ever been curious about how the small businesses in your community have gotten to where they are today, you are in the right place. In this series, you’ll get to meet your fellow YEG Entrepreneurs and hear their stories of launching a business, overcoming obstacles, and building a career they love.

Today, I’m sitting down Ashley Tichkowsky with Royal LePage ArTeam. Pour a cup of coffee and join us as we learn more about her business journey.

Hi everyone! I’m Ashley Tichkowsky, Real estate matchmaker with Royal LePage ArTeam.

I am a full time Realtor in the Edmonton area. I sell resale homes and I LOVE meeting new clients and figuring out their Real Estate goals and helping them make them come true. 

My passion is two-fold. I love educating people on Real Estate. The greater picture and the market they are in. The two aren’t always equal. Then I love navigating the often difficult process of a move where one has to simultaneously sell one home and buy another, all while trying not to end up homeless. 

Q. Tell us more about you! We’d love to know about your business today and the story of how you got there.

            -My business today is fun, busy, and full of adventure. I started in a team environment and today I am on my own, however, I have surrounded myself with wonderful agents that I can lean on when I am away with my family and friends so my business never slows down. My business has grown solely on referrals and that makes me so happy. I used to work in human resources in health care for 3 years out of university. I had a great time there, made many very good friendships but then needed a change. I used to facilitate personality dimensions workshops so I dove into that in the career world for myself and ended up making the change to Real Estate right after I got married. I am so thankful for my job, the variety it provides and flexibility I get to create. This fall I’m headed into year 10. It’s crazy to think it’s been that long!

Q. Let’s dive more into the specifics of your business. What products/services do you offer? What do you do for your clients that sets you apart?

            -I help clients buy and sell both their primary homes and investment homes. I am very education focused and there is a strategy and a plan for everything. I want my clients to know that they are in the drivers seat for every decision but it is my job to provide them with all the information they need to feel confident to make that decision. You will never not hear from me, I’m always in communication with my clients. From the nitty gritty of offers to fun memes along the way. I try to keep it light but when it’s time to get down to it it’s all business. 

Q. What inspired or influenced you to create your business?

-Well like a lot of people I watched a lot of HGTV and I thought to myself one day that that might be a great job. No one I knew was a realtor so I kind of just started talking to strangers about it. One day I was getting my make up done for some photos and I mentioned the idea to the make up artist, whom I never met, and she recommended I talk to the office that I eventually worked for. So from there I just kept reaching out to some brokers and from the conversations we had I chose where I wanted to land and the people there really helped shape my business. My business is very relationship focused. Not in the sense that we are all best friends afterwards (though that does happen sometimes) but from a pour yourself a drink, let’s sit down and talk about what we want to accomplish way rather than a pushy sales person. 

Q. What are you most proud of in your work?

            -my repeat clients and referrals. I’ve been doing this long enough to have clients who are moving up from their first home or they’re buying an investment and they come back to me to help with the next step. That is evidence that I’ve done my job well. That and when someone sends me their family!  No greater compliment! 

Q. What is one challenge you’ve overcome as a business owner, and what did you learn from it that you can share with others?

            -creating some routine in my schedule. Real estate can turn into a 24hr job if you don’t take the reins from the start. I was taught that straight out of the gate and since I held on to that when I was new and slow its paid off now that I’m experienced and busy. Of course there’s ebs and flows to that but I know it’s in my control not anyone else’s. 

Q. What is your favorite part of what you do?

            -There are so many things!  The first meeting and getting everything going. And closing day when I get to give them their keys or tell them it’s sold and hand over their gift. I love giving gifts! I would say these are my top 2 parts of the job.

Q. What is one thing you do to set yourself up for success every week?

            -Schedule my week. I try to get it done Sunday morning but sometimes its Monday that I’m doing this. I’m not nearly this organized in my personal life but business I have to! 

Q. What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

            -Be proactive, don’t be a pop tart realtor (reactive). Be the one to call your client first, if they call you, you have not done your job. 

Q. Where can people find you to learn more? (Leave your email, website, social media handles, etc.!)

            -I love Instagram and am just getting into reels so follow me there for all the real estate tips and advice. @ashleytichkowskyrealtor

            -my website is a good place to land also,

            -I am always answering my phone and email so you can always call, text or email and if I miss you Ill definitely get back to you right away.  



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