Edmonton Entrepreneurs: Here’s How Professional Brand Photographs Can Elevate Your Business Right Now!

By: Jamie Cornish 

Thank you for stopping by. I’m Jamie, a branding photographer in Edmonton, AB Canada. If you’re ready to uplevel your customer service with professional brand photographs, click here

Picture this: You’re at a party (remember those🍸?!), and all the guests are people you would absolutely give your right pinkie to work with! 

So, what’s your move?

Do you huddle around the hors d’oeuvres, waiting for someone to say hello and ask you what you do?

Or, do you walk up to people kindly, shake hands with your dream clients, and say, 

“Hi, I’m Jane. It’s so nice to meet you. Tell me about yourself. Your work sounds amazing! This is what I do and how I can support you.”

You’d do the latter, right?! 

Then I have to ask:

 If you’d greet your customers with your best face forward IRL, why do you greet them with a photo of your laptop and coffee cup when you meet online? 

It’s not that you don’t care about your customers. It’s just that a stock picture of someone else’s office feels so much safer than putting yourself out there.

I totally get it. Showing up as you online can seem intimidating and awkward. Plus, you wonder if a professional branding photoshoot is worth it.

If this is you, you’re in the right place. 

This article will explain how to have a stress-free branding photoshoot and what it can do for your business that nothing else can. 

Let’s start by replacing some of those doubts rolling around in your mind with some truths.

Doubt #1:  I’ve gotten by so far without professional photos, and I’m not sure now is the right time to invest in them.


The return you get back by investing in professional branding photos is so great that I can’t even put a number on it. 

I’m not telling you this as a photographer, but as a business owner who had the same thoughts before taking my own brand photos.

Once I made the leap and had them done, it was like I switched from a wobbly entrepreneur into a CEO. 

That’s because instead of hiding behind the lens, I was putting myself out there. I was showing up for my clients in the most human way possible. By trusting them with my face and my story, I gave them permission to bring their dreams, fears, and concerns to me, too.

People could now see that I invested in my business and myself. Having these photos made me feel more professional, and in turn, made me more confident to BE the professional.

It all goes back to that party analogy. Do you wait for customers to reach out to you? Or are you a business owner that says, “Hi, I’m here and ready to help you.” 

Yes, I did get by before using my professional branding photos when I spoke to my audience. But I didn’t have the same level of connection with them as I do now.

It’s made all the difference between attracting random followers and talking to real clients who I’m excited to serve. 

Doubt #2:   I don’t know what to wear or how to pose, and I’m worried my photos won’t turn out.


You do not have to brush up on your modeling skills to have a successful branding photoshoot. 

That’s what I, as your photographer, am here for. I will guide you the entire time on how to pose, where to stand, how to hold your hands, etc. 

As we go through your shoot, I’ll also pause along the way and show you some of your photos we’ve captured so far. You’ll get to see in real-time that yes, your photos are turning out how you imagined (or better!). 

Before your photoshoot day, we’ll have a thorough consult to understand your business, personality, and goals. Then, we’ll come up with a plan and a shot list based on those together!

When it comes to clothes, you’ll get a personalized style guide put together by a professional stylist. Plus, I’m always here to answer any of your wardrobe questions and help schedule your hair and makeup, too! 

As your photographer, I have a bazillion tools in place to make sure your shoot goes off without a hitch.

I’m here to create a vision for your photos with you or bring your detailed vision to life. 

You’re here to have fun and enjoy this powerful investment in you, your customers, and your bottom line. 

Doubt #3  I’m worried I won’t get a lot of use out of my photos once I have them.


Your branding photos aren’t just for pretty social media feeds (though that is a great place to use them!). 

You can also incorporate your photos into so many other places in your business online.

Such as your:

LinkedIn profile 

Email signature

Online portfolio

Website (all pages)

Sales page

Landing page

Offers (any printables or resources you create, such as worksheets or e-books)

Podcast or blog cover

Calendar invites

Your Google My Business Profile

And places not online, like your:

Thank you cards

Business cards



Mailing labels/envelopes

Brochures, flyers, magazines, or any other print resources you give clients

Bio headshot for any press or print media


With one branding session, you’ll have an arsenal of photos at your fingertips to use anytime you want to put your best face forward. 

No more scrambling to take a selfie, or convincing your husband to spend a Saturday trying to get one good photo of you with his cell phone :). 

I also want you to know I’m here to meet you where you’re at. Maybe you only need one good headshot. Maybe you want 30+ photos for your Instagram feed. Maybe you have products, and you want them to have a cohesive, professional look in your online store. 

Whatever your brand requires, I’ve got your back.

Ready to book your professional branding photoshoot today? Then click HERE. I can’t wait to meet you!

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